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Mixed media art, color and having fun!

Welcome to the STOHandmade Craft Spot blog. I am Rbjewelz. I am a mixed media wearable art artisan. I know that was a mouth full right? Simply put. I love art, handcrafting art jewelry, making handmade craft supplies, and experimenting with my craft. So, I created this blog to share my creative world with you. My creativity is limitless. I love learning, experimenting, and having fun with polymer clay, beads, wire (metal and craft), and other mixed media. I have been playing around with these materials, and creating beautiful art jewelry for approximately 15 years. Well, if you count me writing poetry, drawing, and having a thing for color in any art form since I was nine, I have been creating for a long time. How cool is that. Right? Now, I get to share my fun with you. Each week, I am going to share some inspiration, creative play, tips, and review products (including books and magazines), and other craft supplies that I use in my work. Also, you will get access to some free videos via my YouTube channel “STOHandmade Craft Spot” as well. You get to ask questions as well as share your art with me. I am loving the sound of this new creative community coming together. I hope you will love the new crafting community and have some fun as well.

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I am a mixed media handcrafted jewelry design artist. I have been designing and handcrafting wearable art jewelry for 14 years. I started designing and handcrafting jewelry many years ago because I want to share my gifts and talents with the world. I wanted individuals, who have an independent story to share with the world to be able to express themselves my wearable art jewelry. Now, the journey moves into a new direction by sharing some of my styling of handcrafting jewelry with aspiring jewelry and mixed media artists, My shop STOHandmade Supplies has beautiful handmade craft supplies that can be used to create jewelry and/or art. These are some of same supplies, findings, and components that going my jewelry wearable art pieces and artwork. These are readily available in the store. There are times when I will put some special pieces in the store that will be limited edition and/or one of a kind. My goal with my shop is to have makers, artists, designers, have a special place that they can come to to purchase custom supplies that is interesting and never seen before that they can add to their gorgeous designs and artwork. Happy Creating!

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