Basic Polymer Clay Caning Basics: Tools To Get Starting with Polymer Clay

Do you feel overwhelmed with so many products, books, and videos about polymer clay? You really don’t know where to begin. You are so excited about this new craft. So, you go to your local craft store or website, and proceed to buy every recommended product right? Then, those products start to sit and collect dust in your craft area because you may start think “Now What”.

I felt that way approximately ten years ago. Yes, I said “10 years ago”. Many books and DVDs later, I began to understand the basics. After becoming a professional polymer clay caner, it clicked that I really didn’t need a million products to learn how to make polymer clay canes or to work with clay period. All I needed was a trial pack of clay of my choice, a tissue blade, an acrylic roller, a work surface (glass/tile), a pasta machine, and a toaster over. I promise you, these are all of the materials that you will need to get started on your polymer clay journey.

A polymer clay cane that I created after understanding the basics of the materials an tools of the craft.

Also, you need your hands, and the willingness to try. It doesn’t matter what you may want to do with polymer clay, it starts with these basic materials, tools, and clear mind. Everything else will come as you give yourself time to practice and have fun, while you are learning the craft.

Polymer clay is definitely a craft that you learn over time. You may conceive ideas of things that you want to create, but it isn’t going to happen in the beginning without the basics of polymer clay and tools. I have been there and tried that one. Practice will make you better.

After a lot of tutelage and experimentation, you will come into your own. You will develop skills that you will use to create polymer clay canes, art, and jewelry that makes you, you. Just remember it starts with the polymer clay basics. Stay creative.

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I am a mixed media handcrafted jewelry design artist. I have been designing and handcrafting wearable art jewelry for 14 years. I started designing and handcrafting jewelry many years ago because I want to share my gifts and talents with the world. I wanted individuals, who have an independent story to share with the world to be able to express themselves my wearable art jewelry. Now, the journey moves into a new direction by sharing some of my styling of handcrafting jewelry with aspiring jewelry and mixed media artists, My shop STOHandmade Supplies has beautiful handmade craft supplies that can be used to create jewelry and/or art. These are some of same supplies, findings, and components that going my jewelry wearable art pieces and artwork. These are readily available in the store. There are times when I will put some special pieces in the store that will be limited edition and/or one of a kind. My goal with my shop is to have makers, artists, designers, have a special place that they can come to to purchase custom supplies that is interesting and never seen before that they can add to their gorgeous designs and artwork. Happy Creating!

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