Complex Clay Caning

Have you ever seen a breathtaking picture inside of a polymer clay cane? You are in awe of the beautiful work. The question comes to mind, ” How did the clay caner do this with clay?” How can I make a polymer clay cane like this one? A couple of YouTube videos, and some research gives you the inspiration to try to make the clay cane that was seen in a picture from a post or an art magazine. Off to the space of creativity to create a version of the beautiful pictorial clay cane, or maybe the actual clay cane. Opening up packages of clay, pulling out the tissue blade, the acrylic roller, and the pasta machine. Ready, set, create! The polymer clay cane is finished. Ahhh, yes! Feeling good about the completed clay cane. Now, it’s time to reveal the new master piece, just like the one seen in the mind’s picture. Gently, slicing into the clay cane with excitement and expectation. As the tissue blade is set aside, the clay cane end is pulled apart from the rest of the clay cane. The smile turns into a frown, while wondering what happened? How did this happened inside the clay cane. It doesn’t look like the gorgeous pictorial clay cane from picture, the post, or what was envisioned.

Well, let’s talk about what happened. Polymer clay canes are complicated to someone, who doesn’t understand the simple steps to a bigger picture. I had to understand this truth as well. You aren’t alone.

A simple jelly roll polymer clay cane

Anyway, these simple steps start with learning how to make several kinds of basic polymer clay canes. Then, learning how to shape as well as how to place these small clay canes together. In putting the simpler canes in different sections of the same clay cane, you begin to create a picture inside of a polymer clay cane.

Now, the question may be asked “Is it really that simple to create a complex clay cane?” The answer is “yes” and “no”. A clay cane can be created in this manner. The pictorial clay cane from a picture or the one mentally envisioned will definitely take time with experimentation and practice. This is true for beginners, enthusiasts, and non-clay caners. Other artists, can also benefit from understanding that all extraordinary works of art have humble begins. So, don’t get disappointed when your first polymer clay cane looks a 1960’s groovy poster instead of the pictorial master piece that you saw in your head, a post, or an art magazine. Master clay caning will come in time. Enjoy each creative step as you learn how to create all of the simple clay canes that will lead to the beautiful master clay cane. Stay Creative.

Published by stohandmadecraftspot

I am a mixed media handcrafted jewelry design artist. I have been designing and handcrafting wearable art jewelry for 14 years. I started designing and handcrafting jewelry many years ago because I want to share my gifts and talents with the world. I wanted individuals, who have an independent story to share with the world to be able to express themselves my wearable art jewelry. Now, the journey moves into a new direction by sharing some of my styling of handcrafting jewelry with aspiring jewelry and mixed media artists, My shop STOHandmade Supplies has beautiful handmade craft supplies that can be used to create jewelry and/or art. These are some of same supplies, findings, and components that going my jewelry wearable art pieces and artwork. These are readily available in the store. There are times when I will put some special pieces in the store that will be limited edition and/or one of a kind. My goal with my shop is to have makers, artists, designers, have a special place that they can come to to purchase custom supplies that is interesting and never seen before that they can add to their gorgeous designs and artwork. Happy Creating!

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