Polymer clay, polymer clay! Which one works the best? Is it the one you first encounter? Of course, your first choice is the one. You have learned it nuances. The trial, error, and experiments with your new found clay brand has made you loyal to the brand. There’s no other brand of clay and products for you, right? Until, you hear about another brand that does something a bit better. There may be more colors, the strength of the clay may be better, more flexible, or holds its shape. You might want to try some new ideas that doesn’t work with the current brand that you are using. So, the thought goes through your mind to step out on your current brand, to try something new. Well, here’s the problem with that idea. You could potentially get overwhelmed with so many choices. Here’s a suggestion, stick with your brand of clay and products, unless you find a clay brand love affair that works for you.

Anyway, you can add new products to the ones you are already using in your clay project, especially if you are new to clay crafting. This kind of clay brand loyalty works for polymer clay veterans as well. It is always okay to try new products to add to your repertoire of products you may have in your craft space. You will over time come to realize that you can mix other clay brands as well as the other products with the main clay brand in use.

I personally mix products with the main clay brand that I use on the regular basis. Also, I did change brands in the beginning of my polymer clay journey. I definitely fell in love with the second product brand (Sculpey polymer clay and related products) that I tried after some additional research. I have been using Sculpey clays and products for approximately three (3) years. Now, I just experiment and add new products to my current supply stash.

So, there’s a plethora of polymer clay brands and products out there in clay land. You decide which ones work better for your craft needs, and have fun. Stay creative!

Published by stohandmadecraftspot

I am a mixed media handcrafted jewelry design artist. I have been designing and handcrafting wearable art jewelry for 14 years. I started designing and handcrafting jewelry many years ago because I want to share my gifts and talents with the world. I wanted individuals, who have an independent story to share with the world to be able to express themselves my wearable art jewelry. Now, the journey moves into a new direction by sharing some of my styling of handcrafting jewelry with aspiring jewelry and mixed media artists, My shop STOHandmade Supplies has beautiful handmade craft supplies that can be used to create jewelry and/or art. These are some of same supplies, findings, and components that going my jewelry wearable art pieces and artwork. These are readily available in the store. There are times when I will put some special pieces in the store that will be limited edition and/or one of a kind. My goal with my shop is to have makers, artists, designers, have a special place that they can come to to purchase custom supplies that is interesting and never seen before that they can add to their gorgeous designs and artwork. Happy Creating!

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