FIMO Polymer Clay Cane Mixed with Sculpey Premo Clays

During this past summer, I posted some polymer clay canes on my Instagram page (STOHandmade Jewelry Supplies) page. A fellow clay artist saw the clay canes that was posted. She asked if I could create a clay cane with FIMO clays. I told her that I would experiment with that clay brand. Since I had never used this clay brand before, I realized that I was at ground zero. So, I went to my local craft store and purchased four packages of FIMO clays (Professional Black, Professional Dolphin Grey, and 2 Effects Jade Green).

FIMO Effects mixed with Scupley Premo Clay Cane/Baked Clay Cane Slice

So, I took notice of the FIMO Effect Jade Green. I wondered if this clay really took on the effect of jade like the gemstone “jade”. I was excite about this clay’s potential. See, I have a thing for gemstones ( I will talk about that in another post). Anyway, I created the clay cane. I was amazed to see the jade gemstone effect. Talk about being in awe of seeing this effect in action.

Now, I wanted to see what this clay looks like without any other colors or designs. I cured a few sample pieces (3 – beads, a cabochon, and a textured clay sheet). All I can say is that “Straedter maker of the FIMO clay brand “got it right”). I will definitely use this particular FIMO Effects Green Jade color clay in more of my polymer clay cane designs. The color is spot on. It definitely shares the same color as jade. It is much easier see the apple green color when the clay is cured by itself at the recommended temperatures on the package.

In share this information about the color, the FIMO Effects Green Jade Color will change from it’s original color in the package to the gemstone jade green color. The color change is the desired effect of the clay. It’s a beautiful color that will work well with so many other colors, and designs. Also, FIMO Professional and Effects clays will create beautiful polymer clay canes. I haven’t tried that other clays under the FIMO brand, but I am planning to do a complete review of FIMO clays, and the other products. I highly recommend FIMO Professional and Effects clay as a brand of clay to use in your polymer clay projects. Happy creating.

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I am a mixed media handcrafted jewelry design artist. I have been designing and handcrafting wearable art jewelry for 14 years. I started designing and handcrafting jewelry many years ago because I want to share my gifts and talents with the world. I wanted individuals, who have an independent story to share with the world to be able to express themselves my wearable art jewelry. Now, the journey moves into a new direction by sharing some of my styling of handcrafting jewelry with aspiring jewelry and mixed media artists, My shop STOHandmade Supplies has beautiful handmade craft supplies that can be used to create jewelry and/or art. These are some of same supplies, findings, and components that going my jewelry wearable art pieces and artwork. These are readily available in the store. There are times when I will put some special pieces in the store that will be limited edition and/or one of a kind. My goal with my shop is to have makers, artists, designers, have a special place that they can come to to purchase custom supplies that is interesting and never seen before that they can add to their gorgeous designs and artwork. Happy Creating!

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