FIMO Effects Jade Polymer Clay and Green Gemstone Color

During this past summer, I posted some polymer clay canes on my Instagram page (STOHandmade Jewelry Supplies) page. A fellow clay artist saw the clay canes that was posted. She asked if I could create a clay cane with FIMO clays. I told her that I would experiment with that clay brand. Since I had […]

Polymer Clay Brands: Which One Is The Best? “You Decide”

Polymer clay, polymer clay! Which one works the best? Is it the one you first encounter? Of course, your first choice is the one. You have learned it nuances. The trial, error, and experiments with your new found clay brand has made you loyal to the brand. There’s no other brand of clay and products […]

Clay Caning: Don’t Rush The Creative Process

Have you ever seen a breathtaking picture inside of a polymer clay cane? You are in awe of the beautiful work. The question comes to mind, ” How did the clay caner do this with clay?” How can I make a polymer clay cane like this one? A couple of YouTube videos, and some research […]

Journeying Into Polymer Clay: “The Basics”

Do you feel overwhelmed with so many products, books, and videos about polymer clay? You really don’t know where to begin. You are so excited about this new craft. So, you go to your local craft store or website, and proceed to buy every recommended product right? Then, those products start to sit and collect […]